The best solution for your requirements and wishes

As an expat, adjusting to a new place can prove challenging. When trying to find your way around, understanding the complex insurance, pension or investment system in Switzerland often opens the door to many questions.

✓ Expert advice in German, English and Italian
✓ Tailor-made pension & insurance solutions
✓ Assistance with all formalities and legal documents

Services for expats

As an independent advisor, I handle your concerns in the areas of retirement planning, early retirement, assets and insurance to save taxes. All with a professional advice to support you with the best solutions on the market in the following areas:

Health insurance

- Independent comparison of different providers
- Optimal insurance cover
- Cheapest premiums for your requirements

Tax advice & declaration

- Tax analysis and advice
- Fill out tax return
- Secure tax advantages

Real Estate & Mortgages

- Advice on home ownership, investment properties and building loans
- tax aspects and savings potential
- optimum insurance cover

Pillar 3

Benefit from the 3rd pillar system and save up to 25% in taxes or use it as a hedge for loss of income.

Vehicle insurance

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, good insurance coverage is very important. With the right vehicle insurance, you are financially protected and can enjoy every ride.

Personal liability

Protect yourself against liability risks from claims and lawsuits. A safety net for life's active participants.

Home insurance

Homeowner's insurance is insurance of your inventory of furniture, appliances and supplies in your private home against fire, water, windstorm, hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism.

Legal protection

Protect your rights with private legal protection insurance for criminal proceedings, claims for damages, disputes with landlords, neighbors, employers, etc. Safe is safe!