Public liability

Secure business activity

As an SME, you and your employees are exposed to many risks every day. Careless employees, defective products or deficiencies in work - damage to third parties can happen very quickly. Your company may be required to pay for such damages. With the right coverage, you can protect your business from these types of threats and focus on your core business.

What is protected?

  • Personal injury: injury to the health and life of third parties (e.g. medical treatment costs)
  • Property damage: damage to property owned by third parties (e.g. repair costs).
  • Financial loss (as a result of personal injury or property damage): for example, loss of earnings, loss of use or loss of profit

I design the optimal insurance protection for you to cover these risks with a professional or business liability insurance.
Therefore, business liability insurance is one of the indispensable safeguards. In certain cases, customers and clients explicitly demand proof of an appropriately designed insurance contract.

What does the contract provide?

  • The insurer will check whether you are liable and, if so, to what extent a liability for damages exists.

  • Indemnification is provided - within the existing scope of coverage - for substantiated and justified claims.

  • Unfounded claims are defended against.

    Accidents can always happen in a company, employees make a mistake or machines malfunction. Public liability insurance protects you from the financial burdens that can arise from claims for damages by third parties in the event of personal injury, property damage and financial loss.