Business Insurance

Protection for your company

One's own business is probably the most important basic capital of all entrepreneurs. That's reason enough to protect it appropriately.

Property insurance for inventory and goods Your Advantages

Property insurance covers, among other things:


  • Facilities, equipment and machinery
  • Goods and consumables
  • Monetary values
  • Special things and costs
  • Income and additional costs in the event of interruption of operations

Technology Insurance Your Advantages

  • All-inclusive insurance for the entire machinery
  • Coverage of external impacts 
  • Coverage of internal operational damage
  • Protection against simple theft and embezzlement

Cyber Insurance Your Advantages

  • Help with data loss or technical problems caused by cybercrime
  • Help with abusive online payments or transactions such as credit card fraud.
  • Legal protection against copyright infringement on the Internet
  • Legal protection and assumption of damages caused by misuse of your identity

Other additional insurances I advise you

Depending on your business activity and wishes, more than 30 additional insurances can protect further key components of your business.

I analyze and advise you accordingly so that you and your company are fully protected.