Pension Fund

The future of your employees. That's how much protection you need.

The pension fund for all financial benefits provided by an employer to his employee for retirement, coverage of survivors in case of death
or disability.

As the second pillar, the occupational pension plan, together with the AHV/IV as the first pillar, has the task of enabling insured persons to continue their previous standard of living in an appropriate manner. Employees with an annual income of more than CHF 21,510 must join a pension fund. Self-employed persons can also take out voluntary insurance. The occupational pension plan (2nd pillar, BVG) supplements AHV and IV. Employees and employers make monthly savings contributions to the pension fund. Together with interest, this results in retirement assets that are available to every insured person upon retirement.

Your Advantages

  • independent comparison of the different providers
  • Optimal coverage for you and your employees in the event of death or disability