Pension advice

The path is the goal. Well provided for, even in old age - with the 3rd pillar.

Every phase of life holds its surprises, even in retirement. I will introduce you to various retirement provision options and work with you to develop an overall concept for your private retirement provision.

Your Advantages

  • independent and neutral pension and risk analysis
  • Analysis of your personal situation in relation to your home financing
  • Comparison of different providers for your private 3rd pillar
  • individual solutions for your personal needs

Frequently asked questions

What is the 3rd pillar?

Your private retirement provision. Unlike the 1st or 2nd pillar, payments into the 3rd pillar are voluntary. Those who pay into old age benefit from more savings capital and direct tax advantages.

What are the advantages of pillar 3a?

Pillar 3a is the so-called tied pension provision. This means that you save for retirement or property. You can pay in pillar 3a annually up to a maximum amount. You can invest your savings in yield-oriented investments and create tax advantages at the same time.

What is the difference between pillar 3a and 3b?

Unlike pillar 3a, no tax deduction is possible with pillar 3b. Thus, there are other advantages with pillar 3b, such as no taxes on dividends

How much tax will I save each year if I pay into Pillar 3a?

It depends on several factors, such as your gross annual salary and where you live. Contact us to calculate your tax benefit.